Tradeshift and Baiwang: A Solution Approach to Meeting Chinese VAT and E-Invoicing Requirements [PRO]

Tradeshift Baiwang djama/Adobe Stock

Tradeshift is bringing e-invoicing into the world’s most important developing — or developed, depending on perspective — economy: China. A few weeks ago, Tradeshift announced its partnership with Baiwang to deliver an integrated compliance solution in the Chinese marketplace, which we covered in a quick research note. Our research suggests the partnership is more than just a marketing agreement. It involves a material commitment by both parties and could play a significant role in Tradeshift’s global expansion, and the implementation of e-invoicing and compliance programs in China. But it also raises a number of questions, which the Spend Matters team was able to pose to Tradeshift’s Christian Lanng and Vishal Patel following the announcement. In this two-part Spend Matters PRO brief, we provide a closer examination into the partnership, including background insight into Chinese tax reform and e-invoicing requirements that drove Baiwang to collaborate with Tradeshift. We also feature a Q&A with the Tradeshift team and provide our own analysis of the partnership and co-investment in platform localization, including the rationale and implications for connectivity and e-invoicing adoption in China.

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