IQNsiders 2016 Conference Kicks Off: VMS Reimagined

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The IQNsiders user and partner conference formally kicked off Thursday morning with a series of presentations on where IQNavigator is today and where it will be heading this year and beyond. The main themes have been reimagining VMS, customer experience and “technology in action” in the "enterprise labor management" space.  

For about 15 years now, vendor management systems (VMS) have been a common fixture in the contingent workforce and services procurement space; however, businesses penetration and adoption of VMS and the reach of contingent workforce management programs have been not anywhere close to 100% across most organizations. IQN’s product and business strategy aim to change that.

IQN President and CEO Joe Juliano’s opening address, covered here in our first post, set the stage for the rest of the conference. Juliano spoke of IQN’s “transformational journey” and touched upon a number of topics, including the following:

  • Last year, IQN reached its milestone of laying down the technology foundation for the execution of the company’s strategic vision. That foundation is essentially an n-tier technology platform with a service-oriented architecture and APIs that will support development of an extensive partner ecosystem.
  • Now, execution is the priority, providing solution functionality and services that will drive real business.
  • Some key focus areas:
    • Expanding talent sources, such as online marketplaces and talent pools (including IQN’s own) and accommodating any kind of talent.
    • A continuing expansion of data analytics from new dashboards and business intelligence (BI) capabilities to machine learning, natural language processing and a cognitive computing engine called ATOM. (Stay tuned for more on this.)
    • Dramatically improving the “request for talent” process — long an Achilles’ heel of VMS solutions — not only for frequent requesters but also simple and easy enough for infrequent users. Overall, IQN is pursuing a software development approach that will greatly improve user experience through user interface improvements, analytics and more across the platform.
    • Continuing to expand the integrated partner ecosystem to enhance and integrate talent sourcing and engagement process, from candidate sourcing and engagement through video interviewing and onboarding. All of these services are integrated into a unified process that internal business users can simply consume.
    • Finally, IQN is expanding the scope and depth of its own services to support the right solution implementations at a process, adoption and business value level.

Juliano told the audience that, from his point of view, “we are going through the most disruptive time” when it comes to the digital technology. Enterprise contingent workforce management is at a very immature stage, with much change and evolution ahead. This is only the beginning, and IQN has started its “transformational journey,” supporting the ongoing development of the total enterprise labor management industry.

Stand by for more dispatches from the IQNsiders conference here in Washington, D.C.

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