Beeline Conference 2016 Kicks Off: A VMS Grows Up

2016 Beeline Conference

Andrew Karpie and I are down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for the 2016 Beeline Conference, an event that has grown up considerably over the years. There are 137 people in attendance this year, including, as Beeline shared, more than 60 customer organizations and more than 40 partners. The last time I attended a Beeline event, in 2014, it was nearly half the size. But the numbers alone only tell part of the story.

I spent the first part of the conference last night walking around the technology expo floor and talking with a bunch of Beeline product managers giving demonstrations of modules in current release as well as those coming this year. I came away with the initial impression that to call Beeline a VMS is a bit of a red herring at this point, even though that is certainly what customers are buying.

For example, I walked through a demonstration of a contractor onboarding application centered on individual worker compliance and certification management that looks more like an industry-agnostic version of what Vendormate has built for healthcare or Avetta (formerly PICS Auditing) has built for construction. In Beeline’s words, the application promotes worker safety by requiring “specific requirements to be met” prior to onboarding and throughout the “duration of assignments.”

Beeline’s customer conference tech expo kicks off

The module, which will be available in the next couple of months, is fully integrated with the rest of the Beeline suite and the broader partner ecosystems via API, including third-party tools such as badging and credentialing systems. It supports data collection, usage and reporting at the supplier, program office, hiring manager and procurement and supplier management (risk) levels. Organizations can define requirements (e.g., safety training) by job title, geography or other variables required, and it includes workflow, alerts and other capabilities tied to contractor profiles to keep information current.

Beeline is also moving further from its VMS core in services procurement sourcing and other areas that I had the chance to look at last night.

Of course, the majority of customers are still using Beeline primarily to support basic VMS use cases (in both MSP and self-managed programs). Hopefully customer events like this will show a path for attendees to get more from investments they’ve already made.

Stay tuned for live coverage from Beeline’s Customer Conference throughout the week!

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