Oil and Gas Companies Need a VMS: Here’s Why

P2P in the oil and gas industry

Perhaps more than in any other industry, oil and gas (O&G) companies require extreme flexibility. Without it, the firms that comprise the industry could encounter reduced valuations or bankruptcy. In today's economic climate, the price of crude oil is hovering around the $30 a barrel mark, representing a downturn. Enter Andrew Karpie, research director, services and labor procurement at Spend Matters, and his complimentary research brief: Why Oil and Gas (O&G) Companies Need a VMS: Visibility, Flexibility and Control.

An excerpt: "As in other downturns, the industry has responded by drastically reducing operating cost structures and suspending many capital projects. Workforce is not only an enormous cost in O&G companies, it is also the most fungible. Download this paper to learn more about why a VMS is essential for industries like O&G."

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