Stock Prices in the Procurement World Were Steady in April — With 3 Exceptions [Plus+]

stock prices

It’s time for news about our portfolio of stocks from companies who are all or partly focused on procurement. We have 20 firms represented in our portfolio, and while this year we have abandoned our personal stock-picking competition after last year’s disaster (when we all lost significant amounts of money), we will still be reporting on overall portfolio performance every month and picking out a few firms to focus on more closely. The most apposite word to describe April, at macro level anyway, would be “quiet.” After a turbulent start to 2016, markets generally last month were fairly flat, and on the major exchanges, overall levels are within a percentage point or two of where they started the year. Our portfolio overall was pretty much unchanged month on month, dropping just a fraction to end April some 2% above the start of the year, a small outperformance against the U.S. and U.K. markets. As always though, that concealed some larger rises and falls at individual stock level, so we will take a look at some of those significant movers.

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