Lystable: WIP of the Week [PRO]

Lystable Bits and Splits/Adobe Stock

This week we present Lystable as the WIP of the Week. The company offers a platform that businesses can use to manage their own freelancer talent pools. In our Spend Matters WIP typology, the Lystable platform would fit cleanly in the category of Private Pools/Networks, a super-set that includes what many refer to as freelancer management systems (FMS). In any case, Lystable is one of the platform businesses that plays in the increasingly contended space between enterprises and independent workers. Contenders include self-proclaimed FMS platforms and major VMS players. To date, none of these contenders has succeeded in achieving traction in and acceptance by large enterprise contingent workforce management programs. Why this is the case is probably due to a number of different factors. However, there seem to be continuing, well-funded attempts to find the formula for solving what is certainly a “wicked problem.” In this brief, we provide an overview of Lystable and its platform model, and, as usual, offer our Spend Matters commentary.

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