Infographic: Accomplishing Supply Chain Visibility Through MRO-as-a-Service

A few weeks ago, we published a four-part series focused on how maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) is a significant — yet often overlooked — business function in the supply chain. Take a look at all four parts here:

Authored by Michael Lamoureux, research analyst, and Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer, the series explores how this ignored category is abundant with possibilities for cost savings and overall supply chain improvements, especially when using a managed service provider model that works in the product supply chain in your approach. As they note, the use of MRO-as-a-service can help you achieve:

  1. At least a 20% reduction in inventory in 18 months (or less)
  2. An increase in fill rate of up to 20% (or more) and fill-rates that can quickly approach 98%
  3. Drastic reduction of obsolete inventory and recall inventory
  4. Reduced returns
  5. Greater efficiency
  6. Procurement success well beyond the obvious

Illustrated by the infographic below, when a company has complete supply chain visibility, the above is possible.


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