A/P and A/R Hook up in Best Procurement Parody Video Ever

Like most folks, I like watching fun videos that really highlight a pain point in our business lives. The conference call one here is the perfect example. And this procurement video of negotiating a dentist appointment is a classic.

In the P2P world though, Coupa just did one of the best I’ve ever seen. It was one of the internally created videos done by employees for the Coupa Inspire event — and there are other funny ones (like this one that invokes the printer smashing scene from Office Space), too, but this one below made me laugh out loud.

The video is about improving the relationship between accounts payable at the buyer and accounts receivable at the seller.

Kudos to Coupa on this. Coupa Sam was cute in its PowToons sort of way, but this much better. Enjoy!

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