Reflecting on the IQN Conference: The Rebirth of VMS

I have finally reached a week without travel and a moment when I can look back on the IQNsiders event in Washington, D.C., and reflect. And I find myself with two main thoughts.

First, I realized how far — according to my observations — IQN has come in the past few years.  

From what seemed to be the silence of the tomb three years ago, new signs of life appeared at last year’s IQNsiders conference, with the unveiling of the new platform architecture (the project had been code-named Falcon) and the announcement of an ecosystem strategy and a nominal number of complementary partners. While the signs were promising, one had to wonder at that point if IQN could spread its wings and take flight.  

Over the course of this year, leading up to IQNsiders 2016, IQN began to reach milestone after milestone, indicating it was climbing and on course. Among those, the platform foundation was declared established and the partner ecosystem was expanding.

Here are some of our recently published articles covering the play by play:

What is IQN Up to in 2016? A Pattern Emerges This Spring

e-procurement market outlook

Since January, IQN has been growing its partner ecosystem it had begun to develop in 2015. On top of the 2015 partnerships, which included KellyOCG, Montage, Genesys Talent, HireRight, and Hired, IQN has added several other partnerships in 2016, including Pontoon, Bullhorn and quite recently Brightfield Strategies. Dovetailing with IQN’s own core data analytics initiative, the Brightfield partnership is a significant one, given Brightfield’s Talent Data Exchange platform/service.

IQNsiders 2016 Conference Kicks Off: VMS Reimagined

category management

The IQNsiders user and partner conference formally kicked off Thursday morning with a series of presentations on where IQNavigator is today and where it will be heading this year and beyond. The main themes have been reimagining VMS, customer experience and “technology in action” in the “enterprise labor management” space. IQN President and CEO Joe Juliano’s opening address, covered here in our first post, set the stage for the rest of the conference.

IQN Announces Additional Progress in Execution of its Product and Market Strategy
e-procurement market growth forecast

At its IQNsiders user and partner conference Friday, IQN highlighted four major achievements as it pursues its platform-based product and market strategy to “reimagine VMS.” With the core technology foundation of the IQN platform now completed, IQN has begun to roll forward with new capabilities to drive business value.

Second, in addition to realizing the progress IQN had made “reimagining VMS” as a broader, state-of-the-art workforce management platform, I also realized that IQN’s progress was not happening in isolation. In fact, a limited number of other VMS providers are also redefining and repositioning VMS in different ways, along different strategic vectors.  

In the coming months, Spend Matters will be focusing on this particular group of VMS players and covering what they are doing, how they are progressing and why they are important in the accelerating evolution of the contingent workforce or total talent supply chain.

In January of this year, I wrote an article posing this question: “Will there be a VMS Renaissance in 2016?” Now five months into the year, based on the evidence, we can answer that question with an emphatic yes — and we will be documenting and analyzing development in the months to come.

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