Afternoon Coffee: Toyota Expands Takata Airbag Recall, US Warehouse Space in High Demand


Toyota Motor Corp. is expanding its recall of vehicles in the U.S. made with possibly faulty Takata airbags. The carmaker added about 1.6 million vehicles to the recall, including Toyota, Scion and Lexus cars from 2006-2011 model years.  

E-commerce growth is driving about 20% of the demand for prime warehouse space in the U.S., and rent prices have increased nearly 10% in the last year. A Bloomberg report says Amazon is largely driving change in the e-commerce space due to its growing network of distribution centers and its ability to ship items quickly.  

Cuba will legalize small and medium-sized private businesses, allowing these companies more access to imported supplies and other benefits. Before now, the country did not officially recognize self-employed workers as owners of SMB, private businesses.

Major food industry companies are investing in new technologies and looking at new ways of product development as consumers increasingly demand more information about the food they eat. Cargill, for instance, is changing how it handles some raw materials in its supply chain due to demand for organic, and non-genetically modified foods.


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