Procurement, the Sharing Economy and Social Networking: Time Remaining to Register!

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Apps are available for all facets of your life, but there is one particular social networking tool that is geared specifically toward procurement professionals and allows for feedback, collaboration and visibility across different teams in your company. Want to learn more? Join us today at 12 p.m. CDT for The Sharing Economy and What It Means for Procurement and Social Networking.

Jason Busch, founder and head of strategy at Spend Matters, and Peter Smith, chief research officer and managing director at Spend Matters UK/Europe and Public Spend Matters Europe, will tell you all about this tool that can enable you to:

  • Collaborate with colleagues and learn in what supply markets they participate
  • Invite vendors and map them with the rest of the supplier market invited by others and get deeper insights of who they are
  • Like, share and review to help construct a more solid knowledge base

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