Contingent Labor Review: Key Procurement Priorities — A New Series from Across the Pond

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I wanted introduce our North American subscribers to a new two-part series published by my colleague Peter Smith, the head of our U.K./E.U. sister site. Based on interviews with senior procurement executives from a number of major public and private sector organizations, the series, “Contingent Labour Review: Key Procurement Priorities,” focuses on how the contingent workforce category is changing at large enterprises and how procurement must take stock of and reset its priorities in response.

Part 1 is “Key Procurement Priorities: Setting the scene for change,” and it is available for free download. When Part 2 of the series is released, I’ll be highlighting it here at Spend Matters.

As noted in the abstract, Part 1 “looks at the topic generally, and at the current market structures in place to manage it; it then deciphers how organizations are engaging with the market and their internal stakeholders, and identifies the varying levels of organizational maturity in dealing with this sector.”

In one of the most insightful and useful parts of this paper, Peter notes that as the contingent workforce spend category has grown, “procurement managers have gradually become more aware of the cost drivers and the priorities for more effective management of expenditure, however, the level of procurement maturity in this category still varies considerably between organizations.” Part 1 concludes a detailed explication of a 6-level contingent workforce procurement organization maturity model that can help practitioners understand where they are and where they need to go.

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Once again, you can download your free copy of Part 1 here. I highly recommend that you do.

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