blur Group: WIP of the Week [PRO]

blur Group bluraz/Adobe Stock

This week we present blur Group PLC as the WIP of the Week. From our standpoint, blur is an online marketplace work intermediation platform with a service layer consisting of supplier vetting and some customer support. What seems to set blur apart from other online marketplace WIPs is that its supply base consists of service provider businesses — 67,000, it says, “from boutique marketing agencies to multinational consultancy,” including companies like Ogilvy, WPP, Accenture, KPMG and others. As such, blur positions itself as a services marketplace platform versus a freelance marketplace platform, offering value propositions for procurement such as services tail spend capture, a services catalog, spend visibility and cost savings. In this brief, we provide an overview of blur, its unique platform model and, as usual, offer our own commentary.

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