What Procurement Practitioners Have Been Waiting For: The Chuck Norris API

Chuck Norris

The application programming interface (API) has become an ubiquitous topic in the discussion of procurement and supply chain technology, as platform as a service (PaaS) becomes the state-of-the-art architecture across the industry. This is not surprising, since the growth in the number of actual APIs across all areas is accelerating. One of my recent posts, “My Big Fat Geek API: Did Ariba Finally Untie the Knot?,” addressed both the growth in APIs and the significant appearance of a new B2B API (namely, that of Ariba).

All well and good...

Sure, it’s nice to have an API that allows us to integrate with what has been the dominant procurement solution in the world. But do we need something more? Something more powerful than a swaggering giant that lords it over us, something with a punch-out option that will give us the control we really need?

Finally, the answer has arrived: the Chuck Norris API. Versatile and fit-to-purpose, the Chuck Norris API can — with just a few lines of code from GitHub — supply us with all we need to push back on and neutralize the supplier power of our entrenched solution providers. Finally, we can let our guard down and enter a RESTful state.

Programmable Web describes the vast arsenal that the Chuck Norris API puts at our command — and this is no laughing matter:


Programmable Web:  "Chuck Norris Facts API allows access to a trove of tidbits about the widely acclaimed supernormal faculties of Chuck Norris. It deploys JSON format to process requests and return randomized responses of the phenomenal facts about the actor. A Slack integration lends users greater flexibility for viewing the available categories of jokes, searching category-specific jokes, and personalizing search preferences."

A powerful e-catalog gives you access to this cache of intimidating weapons. And, with the use other API integrations with other data sources like contract and supplier management systems, you can easily build your own killer mobile app for supplier CVRs and negotiations.

Who wouldn’t want to be sitting there with Chuck Norris in your corner, allowing you to shred to pieces supplier proposals and objections with irrebuttable Chuck Norris facts and disarming belly laughs from Chuck Norris jokes.  

You’ve heard about APIs, but you never really understood how useful they could be. I have no doubt that most of you now will be checking Programmable Web every day to see what advantageous APIs can be exploited as a procurement practitioner.  

Next, perhaps, the Arnold Schwarzenegger API?  I personally am waiting for a Donald Trump API — now that will be powerful.

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  1. Brian Hoffmeyer:

    We’ll be adding this to IQN’s set of web services soon! 🙂

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