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Determine: Vendor Analysis (Part 3) — Platform Weaknesses, Competitive Analysis and Customer Recommendations

06/14/2016 By

We recently covered the replatforming and solution transformation of Determine, a procurement technology suite and contract lifecycle management (CLM) provider (see Determine Background and Solution Summary and Determine New Solution/Platform Strengths). From a solution and platform perspective, Determine has come a long way in recent quarters, as it has replatformed much of the IP from Iasta and Selectica onto the b-pack platform, the basis of the new go-forward Determine solution strategy.

But much work remains, especially commercially. As Determine attempts to build traction, channel and implementation relationships are becoming increasingly important for the provider, as they are for many source-to-pay (S2P) suite vendors in the e-sourcing and e-procurement area. Securing these relationships would serve as a vote of confidence and support for Determine’s capabilities and overall stability. This final installment in our Spend Matters PRO update series covering Determine provides analysis on the provider’s weaknesses and offers competitive and customer recommendations.

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Vendor Analysis