Public Spend Forum Launches New Podcast – Subscribe Today!

podcast.logo_-e1465872755112-150x150Spend Matters' sister site Public Spend Forum has plenty of untold stories to tell on the government providing new and innovative ways to deliver goods and services to its citizens – and is now launching a podcast to tell them. The Public Impact Podcast is live with its first episode featuring Dave Zvenyach, acquisition management director at the Genera Services Administration's digital services division, 18F.

From Jonathan Messinger, executive editor of Public Spend Forum: "We decided to start the podcast as a way to tell the success stories happening every day in the public sector. We all know the problems and the challenges in government grab all of the headlines, but we also know there is an untold number of untold stories of people in the government doing great work to make the government work better and smarter for citizens. These are good stories to tell, and good stories to share."

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