PSF Launches Podcast Highlighting Innovators in Public Sector Procurement

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Our sister site Public Spend Forum recently launched its new Public Impact Podcast, which shares stories of professionals and suppliers innovating and making an impact in the public procurement space.

As Raj Sharma, co-founder and chairman of the board at PSF, explained, the goal of the podcast is to “really bring those stories to light so we can see how each one of us can do the same and have a major impact of how we solve problems.”

Public Spend Forum editor Jonathan Messinger added, “We all know that anytime something goes wrong in government, the news is all over it. So we wanted to create a show that tells the other stories: the ones where people took a risk or were creative and found a way to make government succeed.”

In the first podcast episode, PSF’s Frank McNally, director of learning and content development, interviewed Dave Zvenyach, acquisition management director at the General Services Administration’s digital services division,18F. For those who do not know, 18F operates inside the federal government’s General Services Administration, helping the agency stay on top of the latest coding and software practices being used around the globe. The podcast episode focuses specifically on 18F’s recent project, which stands out from what is usually seen in the public sector today.

Typically, the contracts within the federal government are fairly large, high-dollar projects that are hard for small businesses to compete for. But 18F built a micro-purchase platform from scratch, allowing smaller companies to bid on projects for less than $3,500 — the spending limit on federal government credit cards.

The roughly 20-minute episode of the PSF podcast discusses what McNally calls an exciting and “eye opening project,” and Zvenyach shares the details on how exactly it was built, including some trial and error and lessons learned along the way. The two also talk about how the idea for the micro-purchase platform was born, the reaction it received from users as well as the media, and how on its first run the winning bidder delivered code for $1.

You can check out the full podcast over on Public Spend Forum. You can also subscribe to the podcast to make sure you don’t miss a future episode.

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