Afternoon Coffee: U.S. Manufacturing Production Hits 3-Month High, ‘Brexit’ Vote Today

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The Flash U.S. Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index from Markit came in at 51.4 for June, the highest level in three months for production growth in the manufacturing sector. Higher output levels and a rise in new orders and employment contributed to the growth.

Britain votes today on whether or not to leave the European Union, a decision that could impact supply chains around the globe. A possible Brexit would cause new trade arrangements and rules to be made and force companies to reposition inventories. It’s a topic Spend Matters UK has been discussing in recent days, too.

The Federal Aviation Administration is fining Inc. once again for allegedly mishandling shipments of chemicals. The fine of $130,000 comes from Amazon reportedly sending corrosive rust stain remover and a flammable gas without properly marking or labeling the shipping containers. In one case, the rust stain remover leaked through one of the cardboard boxes.

United Auto Workers are planning to strike Monday, June 27, at a Sakthi Automotive Group USA facility in Detroit to protest the India-based auto parts supplier’s delays in union contract negotiations. The union alleged Sakthi fired more than 52 bargaining unit employees since negotiations between the company and union began.



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