SynerTrade: Vendor Analysis (Part 3) — Summary Analysis and Recommendations [PRO]

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Better known in France, Germany and other countries in Continental Europe than in North America, SynerTrade is launching an expansion strategy targeting the U.S. market that aims to bring its unique breed of procurement suite to an expanding set of global customers. From a functional and modular breadth perspective, SynerTrade certainly ranks in the top dozen of procurement technology suites, and in specific modular areas, it has differentiated capabilities that help it stand out from competitors. So far in this multipart Spend Matters PRO brief, we introduced the provider to our subscribers with a comprehensive introduction to SynerTrade (company and solutions) and a detailed view on strengths and weaknesses. This final installment provides a competitive analysis and overview comparison, a recommend fit and company selection checklist sheet ,and a summary analysis of SynerTrade for potential customers.

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