Companies Around the Globe Need Supply Chain, Data Analytics Graduates

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Recent graduates with a masters in supply chain management and data analytics are in demand across the globe. The latest Corporate Recruiters Survey from Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), conducted with partners EFMD and MBA Career Services Council, shows about a quarter of corporate recruiters around the world are actively seeking graduates in Master in Supply Chain Management and Master in Data Analytics programs.

The survey included responses from 842 employers representing more than 530 companies in 40 countries. This is the fifteenth year of the survey, but the first in which GMAC specifically asked about recruiters’ plans to target candidates from supply chain and data analytics masters programs. Overall, the survey aims to identify trends and plans in hiring practices across the globe and the demand for MBA and non-MBA graduates.

Twenty-seven percent of respondents specifically said they are actively looking for candidates in Master in Supply Chain Management programs and 26% said they were in search of candidates in data analytics master programs.

The manufacturing industry has the greatest demand for graduates of supply chain programs, with 42% of manufacturing companies saying they needed these candidates. Nearly 40% of technology companies are in need of supply chain program candidates and 37% of survey respondents in the products and services sector identified a demand for supply chain talent.

Perhaps not surprisingly, considering the growth in data analytics, the technology industry is also in need of graduate students with data analytics skills. Forty-two percent of technology companies in the GMAC survey said they planned to recruit new hires directly from Master in Data Analytics programs — about twice as much as any other industry.

Salaries in Supply Chain Management and Data Analytics

Those who graduate with a Master in Supply Chain Management degree can expect to earn a median starting salary of $75,000, according to the survey. This is on par with what Master of Finance graduates receive as a starting salary.

Nearly half (46%) of companies also plan to increase their starting salaries for supply chain talent at the rate of inflation and 20% plan to increase salaries above that level.

Those with a Master in Data Analytics can expect a median starting base salary of $85,000, the report said, more than what is offered as a starting salary for those with a Master’s in Management or Accounting.

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