A Tradeshift Outlook: Go Big or Go Home [PRO]

road aSuruwataRi/Adobe Stock

Three years ago, Jason Busch and I attended Tradeshift’s analyst day and we were intrigued by the potential of this platform-based e-invoicing application and network provider, which our colleague Peter Smith first analyzed back in early 2011 in his piece “Tradeshift — a Game-Changer in E-Invoicing (and Beyond) or a Danish Flash in the Pan?” To follow up on our intrigue and answer Peter’s initial question, my fearless colleague and P2P global analyst leader from Mexico City, Xavier Olivera, attended a session to assess how far the firm has come since then.

This Spend Matters PRO research note provides our perspective on where Tradeshift stands today from overall business, strategy, architecture and modular perspectives, including an analysis of its current functional capabilities, strengths and gaps. There’s an awful lot to be excited about — and, of course, some elements we are cautious on, as well.

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