Afternoon Coffee: Accel-KKR Finalizes SciQuest Acquisition, APICS Offers New Membership Program

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Accel-KKR announced it has completed its acquisition of spend management solution provider SciQuest. The private equity firm bought SciQuest for approximately $509 million.

Supply chain management professional association APICS also recently announced a new membership program that allows members to customize membership to meet specific needs. APICS now offers two membership options called APICS CORE and APICS PLUS, which provides added benefits.

Instead of building its own iCar, Apple is reportedly working toward licensing its self-driving car technology to other automakers. Apple also just hired Dan Dodge, who formerly head BlackBerry’s Ltd. automotive software division, to lead the company’s car project team.

An investigation by The Guardian showed major car makers including Audi, BMW, Vauxhall and Volkswagen use suppliers linked to illegal mines in India using child labor and debt bondage. The problematic mica mines provide a mineral used to produce shimmery car paint reportedly used by the carmakers listed above. 



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