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We’re rounding up our most popular articles from July! During the month, the Spend Matters team continued to look into how the Brexit vote will impact supply chain and procurement organizations, as well as dove into other news that procurement professionals should take note of. From a possible Coupa IPO to rebranding efforts from eBay and global online marketplace HourlyNerd, check out our most-read stories of the month stay on top of the latest supply chain and procurement news of the summer.

1. 5 Reasons Why a Coupa IPO Would be Good for Procurement

As rumors of a Coupa IPO spread earlier this month, Spend Matters Founder and Head of Strategy Jason Busch looked into what such a move would mean for the procurement industry. “I personally think a Coupa IPO would be a net positive for the procurement industry and its various constituents overall,” Busch wrote. Why? Check out the article to read the five reasons Busch gives for how a Coupa IPO would benefit procurement professionals.

2. HourlyNerd Closes $22M Series C Round, Moving Beyond the Marketplace Platform Model

Global online marketplace HourlyNerd (more recently known as Catalant — more on that below) announced in early July that it raised $22 million in a Series C funding round, which the company said would help it advance its enterprise software solutions. In this article, Andrew Karpie, Spend Matters research director of service and labor procurement, also shares insights from HourlyNerd co-CEO and co-founder Rob Biederman on how growing demands from large enterprises is shaping the company’s future plans.

3. A Compelling Confluence at Infosys and the Best Conference I’ve Ever Attended

Spend Matters’ Pierre Mitchell attended the Infosys Confluence conference back in April, but struggled to parse through all of the valuable insights he gained until now. Find out why Mitchell considers Confluence “perhaps the most thought provoking vendor event I’ve ever been to.”

4. What Procurement Processes are Organizations Automating the Most?

Nearly half of procurement and finance professionals surveyed by Proactis said they are most frequently automating invoicing processes in their organizations. But the survey also revealed a gap in how certain organizations are automating invoicing systems and others have no plans to do so. Check out the post to find out how procurement and finance organizations plan to implement automation more in the future, or not.

5. Will Google Apps Be the New Way of Life for Companies?

Regular guest contributor GEP discusses how Google plans to continue to develop Google Apps offerings to gain additional market share and respond to growing enterprise demand. Google has more than 2 million paid customers on its Apps for Work platform, but as GEP points out in this article, it will be up to Google to determine how to attract more big name players to its offerings to stay competitive.

6. Brexit: A ‘Huge Supply Chain Problem’

There are a number of ways the Brexit vote is expected to impact global businesses. From new trade regulations to changes in available workers in the U.K., companies need to start thinking about the possible risks their supply chains face. According to Bindiya Vakil, founder and CEO of supply risk management and market intelligence solution provider Resilinc, Brexit will be a major problem for supply chain organizations, and businesses need to begin addressing and mitigating for these risks. Check out this article from Editor at Large Kaitlyn McAvoy for more of Vakil’s advice and expected fallout from Brexit.

7. Randstad Sourceright Leverages Recent Acquisition twago as FMS

Randstad Sourceright released its own freelancer management system by leveraging technology from twago, an online freelancer marketplace Randstad recently acquired. Andrew Karpie, Spend Matters research director of service and labor procurement, chatted with Michel Stokvis, director of Randstad Sourceright's Center of Expertise, about the new FMS and what specifically it offers to customers.

8. eBay Launches eBay Business Supply, a Rebrand of its B2B Offerings

Ebay launched a rebrand of its B2B segment in mid-July. Now called eBay Business Supply, the offering combines eBay’s business and industrial category, SAP Ariba Spot Buy and eBay Wholesale Deals solutions to a single platform. Spend Matters Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell has some questions, though, about how this new platform will play out. Find out what Mitchell’s concerns are in the full post.

9. HourlyNerd Rebrands as Catalant, Continues Metamorphosis as a Unique Enterprise Talent Platform

More news came out from work intermediation platform HourlyNerd this month when it announced its rebrand as “Catalant.” As the article states, the rebrand “signifies the company’s ongoing metamorphosis from an online freelancer marketplace to a unique enterprise sourcing, engagement and talent integration platform that optimizes connection with and utilization of top-tier freelance business expertise.” In this article, Andrew Karpie, Spend Matters research director of service and labor procurement, shares his two cents on the news.

10. Companies Around the Globe Need Supply Chain, Data Analytics Graduates

There is no question a talent gap exists in the supply chain. Baby boomers are retiring, and supply chain organizations need to fill those positions. This article details findings from a recent survey that showed how corporate recruiters were actively seeking graduates of supply chain management masters programs as companies increasingly seek young professionals with this area of expertise. The manufacturing industry, specifically, had the highest demand for supply chain graduates, according to the Corporate Recruiters Survey from Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), conducted with partners EFMD and MBA Career Services Council.

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