An Apology to the Factoring Community: When Attempted Humor and Rhetoric Go Too Far

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A couple of weeks back, I authored a post on Spend Matters, “Die Factoring, Die,” which my colleague David Gustin also picked up on Trade Financing Matters (see: here and here). The essay attempted to address a serious topic in a humorous, somewhat satirical way, starting with a title that intentionally provoked.

In my attempt to have a bit of fun with the topic of factoring, I failed. I offended a number of people in the factoring community with my language and metaphors.

I wanted to take a few words here to issue an apology to the factoring community at large. I made a mistake in my approach and language and I’m terribly sorry for a failed attempt at humor.

On behalf of our entire team, please accept this apology. Sometime rhetorical tools and attempted cleverness get the better of us. But this is no excuse for going overboard.

I’m sorry, everyone.

Here at Spend Matters and Trade Financing Matters, our entire team looks forward to a constructive conversation around the future of factoring, including technology-enabled models, and engaging the community through the CFA and other working groups more effectively, without being offensive.

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