Afternoon Coffee: JetBlue Buys into Biofuel, Tesla Sparks Supplier Dispute

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JetBlue has agreed to buy more than 330 million gallons of renewable fuel over 10 years, anticipating future restrictions on airliners’ greenhouse gas pollution, the New York Times reported. Bioenergy company SG Preston will provide about 20% of of JetBlue’s annual fuel base at Kennedy International Airport, which accounts for around 4% of fuel used throughout the airline’s network.

Tesla is in the news yet again for an ongoing dispute with the (former) supplier of its machine vision sensor system. The two manufacturers are at odds over which company ended the relationship with the other — and why.  Tesla and Mobileye announced the end of their partnership in July after a fatal accident in Florida involving a Telsa owner who had been using his vehicle in semi-autonomous mode.

The global commodities slump is pushing construction firms and other equipment users to rent or enter longer-term leases for their equipment, the Wall Street Journal reported. The trend is creating a glut of machinery in the secondhand market, with used machinery prices down 10% from a year ago.

And finally, IQN announced the launch Monday of Request for Talent, a new solution to help businesses more easily source non-employee workers and speed time to hire. Stay tuned for further details and analysis on the new offering from Andrew Karpie later this week.

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