IQN Announces ‘Request for Talent’ Functionality to Streamline Contingent Workforce Hiring

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VMS and workforce management solution provider IQNavigator announced Monday the launch of its new enhanced workforce requisition functionality, Request for Talent. The company reported that its new solution “helps businesses more easily source non-employee workers and speed time to hire” and “makes talent requisitions simpler for users of all experience level.”

According to the press release, Request for Talent brings “together location, calendar, skillset, salary and corporate hiring requirements and policies into one easy-to-use form.”  The new solution “ensures that the right capabilities and criteria for engaging a candidate are fully identified, and important corporate and regulatory guidelines are followed in the process.”

VMS requisition functionality, user experience and workflows have been considered impediments to user adoption within organizations that have started to use VMS. This functionality has not only been a pain point for users, but its relatively-fixed template format has not ensured that inputs to define needed talent and maintain compliance are entering the system across diverse hiring use cases. It is not a surprising place, therefore, for major VMS providers to put down some of their chips to up their game.

Another way to look at Request for Talent is as a stepping stone to “guided buying,” a concept that has already emerged in e-procurement of goods. In the VMS world, however, guided buying is a relatively new concept. But it has begun to appear in the product road maps of the top VMS providers. And one day, perhaps it will be table stakes.

We will be following up with IQN in the near future to learn more about the detail of Request for Talent and will report back.  In the meantime, if you’d like to read more about how VMS solutions are now evolving, check out our recent popular article VMS is Dead, Long Live VMS! Why VMS is More Important Than Ever.

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