Stock Portfolio for September – And It’s Goodnight from Me, and It’s Goodnight from Him* [Plus+]

stocks zhu difeng/Adobe Stock

* As for that headline, Google it if you aren’t British and over 40.

It’s time for news about our portfolio of stocks from publicly quoted companies who are all or partly focused on procurement solutions and services. We have 20 firms represented in our portfolio, from huge to small, and we report on overall portfolio performance every month, picking out a few firms to focus on more closely.

September was — well, how can we put this gently — a somewhat boring month, at least if you look at the headline stock prices at both individual company level and overall for the portfolio. BUT if we look more carefully, we can find some points of interest, including two high-profile CEO departures. So what did the behind-the-scenes goings-on look like?

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