Afternoon Coffee: SpendLead is Now Koble, D&B Testing Blockchain

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SpendLead is now out of beta and has become Koble.

According to a release today, the company's goal is to create "a safe place where individuals inside verified companies can discover, socialize and connect with others outside their own company on their own terms" — essentially a Social Network-as-a-service.

As Jason Busch, founder and head of strategy for Spend Matters put it recently, if platforms such as these "manage to drive adoption as an application for procurement teams as part of a top-down strategy (i.e., they’re 'sold' to an organization), they could be self-sustaining, although it’s the bottoms-up approach to date that has created massive scale among the very top social networks and network valuations."

Learn more about the company's mission and platform on their site — where you can watch an intro video, among other things.

D&B and Blockchain

In other news, Dun & Bradstreet Corp. is testing a blockchain distributed ledger for offering its proprietary corporate data to business customers, according to the Wall Street Journal. Blockchain is in the spotlight, as an IBM report on blockchain also covered recently by the WSJ details how "the distributed ledger could help eradicate operational complexity, reduce transaction friction and costs, and re-define the boundaries of an organization."

Our own Pierre Mitchell, Spend Matters' head of research, kicks off a fascinating series tomorrow related to this very topic...stay tuned!


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