The Future of Work Is Here, And Innovative Enterprises Like GE Are Getting It


I will be hosting GE Digital and Catalant on Tuesday, October 18 — tomorrow! — to talk about the future of work and how enterprises can leverage online platform intermediaries to achieve expertise-based outcomes with unprecedented specificity, efficiency and the new working capital of businesses — velocity.

As someone who has been following the rise of online work intermediation platforms and the new modalities of work they enable, the “future of work” has always seemed like a curious expression. It always seemed to me that the future of work was something right at our doorstep, if not already here.

The point is that anyone who just looks around carefully will see that new ways of sourcing, supplying and consuming work and expertise are already happening (whether we’re talking about car drivers or data scientists). I have any number of different conversations each day with enterprises, staffing suppliers, consulting companies, online platform providers and others, all of which gives me a bird’s-eye-view into what is really already happening. But don’t just take my word for it. If you are still in doubt, check out all of the evidence we are assembling at our contingent workforce and services research website (it’s a pretty overwhelming body of evidence and hard to refute).

We can certainly all agree that we are now in a world where knowledge-work, specific expertise, and agile processes are critical to an organization’s success. Moreover, getting what our organizations need through traditional approaches (like full-time hiring, staffing, big consulting, etc.) is becoming less and less cost-effective or simply impossible. But to overcome those challenges through new approaches, we will need to learn a lot, and quickly, to not fall behind.

If you are a procurement or HR practitioner, senior executive or line manager responsible for ensuring that your organization’s needs for business expertise and professional services are currently being or will be adequately met, then you need to understand the mindsets, perspectives, and thinking of practitioners and managers at leading organizations who are already seeing and acting on how they can take advantage of the so-called future of work.

With this objective in mind, I’d like to personally invite you to our webinar “How GE Is Preparing For The Future Of Work,” where this whole subject will be unpacked in a roundtable setting with Kevin Dawson (Executive Director of Software Innovation at GE Digital) and Patrick Petitti (Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Catalant). It will be a great opportunity to accelerate your learning from theory to practice.

The webinar will take place Tuesday, October 18th at 1:00 pm Eastern, 12:00 pm Central and 10:00 am Pacific. Register here to either attend live and have your questions answered or attend later on-demand.

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