Go Procurement Cubs Go!

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I think the entire city of Chicago showed up three hours late to work today — including our office.

And for good reason.

The Cubs are World Series champions for the first time since 1908.

I’m sorry to take a break from our regular programming here, but we would be negligent in not pointing out this little victory last night and what a big deal it is for Chicago (and all those who grew up watching the Cubs lose year after year, not to mention our parents, grandparents and great grandparents who did the same).


My oldest son and his Grandfather take it in at at Game 3 at Wrigley. Three generations savor a victory.

Yes, it finally happened. And it happened in classic Cubs “almost lose it fashion,” as our team came back from a three-games-to-one deficit by capturing three straight victories and pulling out the final one in extra innings.

Until recently the Azul Partners/Spend Matters team was located a 10-minute walk from Wrigley Field, and many of our friends, families and clients have joined us for games over the years, including last night’s trench warfare battle of a final game. In the words of one of my kids, it was the most “epic” extra innings show of all time. It was a match complete with the weather gods working in Chicago’s favor to calm the nerves of the team during a tough patch where it looked like Cleveland would surge ahead.

I won’t get all philosophical just yet about comparing the Cubs plight to that of procurement, but there are so many lessons we could learn from both this year, and the challenges the Cubbies faced in the past 108 years to get to this point.

Here are a few I plan to explore in the coming weeks:

  1. Lessons in price arbitrage (for players and tickets) applied to commodity markets
  2. Being aware of falling knives (this goes for players and tickets prices too!)
  3. The sell/keep equation and how it’s akin to make versus buy
  4. The importance of front-office and back-office alignment in building a winning organization
  5. Realizing a true reset (i.e., a transformation) takes many years to pull off

And that’s just a start. More on this after we all sober up here today.

On that note, it’s good to see Bill Murray (a Cubs “superfan”) is every bit the comic genius, even after a few beers. Or 10.  


Go Cubs Go!

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