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PRGX Acquires Lavante: PRGX Analysis and Customer Recommendations (Part 2)

11/07/2016 By

Image by kritchanut sourced from Adobe Stock

In this Spend Matters PRO analysis, we explore the potential impact that PRGX’s acquisition of Lavante, a supplier information management (SIM) technology provider, may have on PRGX and its customers. The PRGX-specific analysis includes an analysis of valuation, upsell/cross-sell synergies, competitive implications with APEX Analytix and the longer-term potential impact of delivering services on top of a common platform also used by its customers in a self-service capacity. The customer and prospect specific analysis considers the role of technology in supplier information management, audit recovery and related areas.

The first installment in this series, PRGX to Acquire Lavante: Solution Overview, Comparative Solution Capability and Competitive Analysis, provides background on Lavante, its solution and how it compares to other supplier management providers in the market. The final installment of this series explores the implications of new technology on the audit recovery market overall, including PRGX competitors.

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