Zhongwhang in Hot Water: The Week in Metals

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This week MetalMiner Co-Founder and Editor-at-Large Stuart Burns interviewed Harriet Lau, of Chinese aluminum giant China Zhongwang. The company is being investigated by the Department of Commerce for allegedly avoiding anti-dumping and countervailing duty orders by shipping downright ridiculous products to the U.S. Lau said her company was only putting the customer first by shipping the curious 5050 alloy to one customer who wanted it.

InftraTrumpture Plan Coming Together

President-elect Donald J. Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure improvement plan looks like it will rely heavily on public-private partnerships, where private investors put up the capital for projects such as airports and bridges in exchange for tax credits that will supposedly be offset by new revenue from a more prosperous economy. It’ll by yuuuuge.

Copper Bulls are Running

Copper finally joined other industrial metals in a full bull market this week, breaking resistance as investors buy forward on, perhaps, more demand from a less-regulated and infrastructure-focused Trump administration.

Dollar Up, Metals… Up?

The correlation between the U.S. dollar and metals prices stopped mattering this week, as the dollar soared on post-election optimism and metals stayed bullish. Usually a strong dollar means lower metals prices, but the dollar is rising on expectations of higher interest rates and, at the same time, metal prices are getting a boost on China’s strong demand and all that promised infraTrumpture.

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