Afternoon Coffee: Toyota Unlocks Engine Secrets, Cuisinart Recall Threatens Holiday Meal Plans

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Toyota announced last week plans to open up its powertrain technology to rivals, a departure from the automaker’s strategy of maintaining a tightly-knit network of suppliers that keeps jointly developed technology exclusive. The thinking behind the change is that it will hopefully boost sales and speed up the industry's shift to lower-emission vehicles, Automotive News writes.

Damaged Cuisinart Blades

The Cuisinart brand is taking a hit this holiday season after a recall of blades in more than 8 million food processors, the New York Times reported. At least 69 consumers told the company that pieces of the blade had ended up in their food. Of those, 30 people sustained broken teeth or cuts in their mouths, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Semiconductor Consolidation

Vigorous M&A activity over the last two years has reshaped the semiconductor industry, with five suppliers now holding 41% of the global semiconductor market, according to EPS News. That represents a nine-point increase from the 32% market share held by the top five suppliers 10 years ago — and the trend should continue into next year.

Consumer Prices Rise

Finally, good news for economists, less good news for consumers: U.S. consumer prices rose for the fourth consecutive month in November, the Wall Street Journal reported. The continued firming of inflation suggests that the Fed will move ahead with its plans for several interest rate hikes in 2017.

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