Afternoon Coffee: Apple’s 2017 iPhone Docs Leaked, Canned Whipped Cream Supply Chain Confronts Major Disruption

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A Weibo user surfaced manufacturing documents Wednesday that apparently detail the plans for Apple’s three 2017 iPhones, according to a report from Supply Chain 24/7. The top-tier model, which is expected to boast a glass sandwich design, borderless OLED display, "invisible" home button, wireless charging and more, carries the internal codename "Ferrari."

Whippocalypse 2016

Ready-made whipped cream is in short supply this holiday season after after an August explosion at an Airgas facility in Florida disrupted the supply of nitrous oxide, Fortune reports. While production of the gas used to keep whipped cream airy and light has resumed, Airgas said serving medical customers is the first priority until supplies have stabilized.

The blow to the ready-made whipped cream supply chain was in no way affected by the supply of actual cream, several sources noted. Americans will still be able to have whipped cream for their holiday-related foods, as long as they can handle a few basic cooking instructions.

Counterfeits Weigh on Alibaba

As more people around the world embrace online shopping, e-commerce giant has been forced to confront its nagging problem with fakes. The New York Times reported Wednesday that American trade officials said that they had added Taobao, the Alibaba Group’s sprawling online shopping bazaar in China, to their list of the world’s most notorious markets for counterfeit goods.

Population Growth Stalls

The U.S. population this year grew at its lowest rate since the Great Depression, according to Census data released Tuesday. An uptick in deaths, a slowdown in births and a slight drop in immigration all damped American population growth for the year ended July 1, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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