Afternoon Coffee: SciQuest Relaunches as Jaggaer, Vroozi Appoints New CEO

Amazon’s next project may make Amazon Go look like child’s play. Think automated two-story supermarkets where a staff of robots upstairs grabs and bags groceries for shoppers below. Only three (human) employees would be needed to operate these stores, the New York Post reported.

The source-to-pay technology provider SciQuest has rebranded itself as Jaggaer. The new name comes from the German word for hunter (Jäger, in case you’re curious) and is meant to reflect the company’s promise of “delivering comprehensive, focused spend solutions for a broad range of businesses.”

Mobile e-procurement provider Vroozi has appointed a new CEO, Gregg Parise, who was formerly the CEO of Former Vroozi CEO Steve Olds will remain at the company as its president and chairman.

Denmark is creating a new diplomatic posting that no other country has yet: a digital ambassador. Whoever is assigned to this new role will be in charge of negotiating with big technology companies like Apple and Facebook. As Denmark's foreign minister Anders Samuelsen explained to the Washington Post, “Just as we engage in a diplomatic dialogue with countries, we also need to establish and prioritize comprehensive relations with tech actors, such as Google, Facebook, Apple and so on.”

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