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Serex: Vendor Analysis (Part 1) — Background & Solution Overview

03/08/2017 By

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Serex is a relatively new (and still nascent) entrant in the strategic sourcing technology market. Serex is one of over more than 30 vendors that Spend Matters tracks that offer capability in this area. However, it is not a new firm. Serex was founded in 1993 and began to focus on supporting CRM and marketing automation for customers as its core business. In fact, it developed strategic sourcing technology at the request of one of its sales/marketing automation clients, an organization that had tried more than a dozen different e-sourcing solutions and could not find one that met its needs. Serex took up the challenge to architect a new sourcing approach and its current solution, which addresses only part of the requirements of end-to-end of strategic sourcing technology today, offers a different take on enabling reverse auctions in a highly efficient manner for buyers and suppliers alike.

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Snapshot provides facts and expert analysis to help procurement organizations make informed decisions about Sexex as a potential provider of sourcing technology capabilities. Part 1 of our analysis provides a company background and detailed solution overview, as well as a summary recommended fit suggestion for when organizations should consider Serex in the procurement technology area. The remaining parts of this research brief will cover product strengths and weaknesses, competitor and SWOT analyses, and insider evaluation and selection considerations.

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