Afternoon Coffee: Meat Processors Under Investigation, U.S. Manufacturing Output Up 0.5%

Talk about news that leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. Brazil’s largest meat processors are accused of having sold rotten beef and poultry for years, the BBC reported. Investigators alleged that the companies used acid and other chemicals to mask the quality of their products, in addition to using potato, water and cardboard paper as fillers. Three meat processing plants have already been closed, and another 21 are under investigation.

A Hefty Tax Break

The Wall Street Journal reported that economic-development tax incentives have more than tripled over the past 25 years in the U.S., and industrial cities in the Northeast have been hit especially hard. The tax breaks amounted to a total of $45 billion in 2015.

Super Fast Fashion

Adidas is experimenting with a store where shoppers can design a sweater, get a body scan to find the correct fit, have the sweater knitted by a machine, and washed and dried within four hours, Reuters reported. As the company’s brand chief Eric Liedtke had told investors, "If we can give the consumer what they want, where they want it, when they want it, we can decrease risk.”

Up and Up

U.S. manufacturing output rose by 0.5% in February, according to the Federal Reserve. This marks the sixth consecutive month of increasing factory production.

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