The Week in Metals: We Hardly Knew Ye, EPA Clean Power Plan

The Trump Administration sent the EPA Clean Power Plan back for review this week, all but assuring its bureaucratic death. It was never implemented after a court challenge, and the administration will likely scrap it altogether since it has gone or record opposing its limitations on industry. The steel industry, among others, applauded its death.

How Do Service Centers Compete in the New Economy?

We recently went to a conference where one of the best-attended seminars was about value-added products offered by successful service centers. Our own Brianna Tonner wrote about how Steel Warehouse, Berlin and Chicago Tube and Iron are offering new services to bring in new customers. That’s customer-centered service!

China’s Pollution Crackdown Hits Aluminum Smelters

China seems serious about making its air more like modern-day California and less like 1970s Pittsburgh. This week, aluminum prices started to climb as some dirty, older smelters were actually shut down for environmental reasons in the People’s Republic.

Remember That Brexit Thing? It’s Happening

The law allowing Brexit, Article 50 to U.K. citizens and Anglophiles alike, was invoked this week and now negotiations are starting during the roughly two-years-from-now expiration of time that will signal an actual break from the European Union. Resident Englishman Stuart Burns breaks it down in his analysis from earlier this week.

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