The Week in Metals: China Hongqiao May be the Canary in Chinese Aluminum’s Coal Mine

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The largest aluminum producer in the People’s Republic, China Hongqiao, suddenly finds itself on the hot seat. China’s traditionally opaque reporting structure has allowed some firms to present their results in a less-than-honest way, and auditor Ernst & Young has flagged its client as needing more review. If China Hongqiao is built on risky debt, what could that say about the rest of the Chinese aluminum industry?

Advanced High-Strength Steel is Still Winning the Car Wars

Aluminum may have found a home in hoods, panels and other non-structural applications, but AHSS use is soaring in any load-baring part of today’s cars and trucks. A bigger question, though, is which one has a lower carbon footprint? With high energy use necessary for smelting, it’s surprisingly steel.

Yep, Trump’s Still Signing Executive Orders

This week, President Trump ordered an investigation of “every type of trade abuse” committed against the U.S. and ordered the collection of millions in unpaid import duties on hundreds of products already found to have been dumped here or illegally subsidized by foreign governments. Oh, and Chinese market-economy status? That’s in the administration’s crosshairs, too.

Officials and Developers Really are Spending More on Construction

Even though there’s no real infrastructure plan yet, what some might call irrational optimism in the construction industry has pushed spending to an 11-year high. Did we mention it’s MetalMiner IndX monthly report week? It is.

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