The Week in Metals: Administrative Review Hikes South Korean OCTG Duties

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This week, the Department of Commerce announced in a press release that it is exercising its authority under Congress for the first time to address market distortions in the production of foreign merchandise, particularly oil country tubular goods (steel pipes and supporting sections) from the Republic of Korea. Administrative review allows Commerce to calculate dumping margins that “more accurately account for the unfair pricing practices of foreign exporters.”

The new dumping margins, or the rate at which the imported materials were under sold below fair value in the U.S., were found to range from 2.76% to 24.9%.

MetalMiner Benchmark: Our Newest Pricing Tool

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Europeans Mad About US Steel Anti-Dumping Duties, Petition the WTO

This isn’t the first time the European Union has had a trade spat with the U.S. over steel, but it is unusual for one party or the other to take the case to the World Trade Organization, claiming “accounting tricks” and “protectionism” designed to give domestic producers an “unfair competitive advantage.”

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