Afternoon Coffee: More Apple Suppliers Commit to Using Solely Renewable Energy, Japan Pushes to Revive TPP

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Three component manufacturers for the iPhone have committed to using solely renewable energy, according to IndustryWeek. Compal Electronics Inc., Sunwoda Electronic Co. and Biel Crystal Manufactory Ltd. have made the pledge, bringing the total number of Apple suppliers seeking to use just renewable power to seven.

Japan Fights for TPP

 Even though the United States has left the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Japan is mobilizing the remaining members of the trade pact to resurrect the agreement, according to Nikkei Asian Review. With the U.S. now withdrawn, the TPP’s success will now depend on Japan, the largest economy currently in the pact, to take over the mantle of free trade in the region.

China Update

The world’s second-largest economy grew at 6.9% last quarter, led by strong expansion at factories, Chinese officials said Monday. While the figure reported came in just slightly higher than economists expected, China watchers also noted potential warning signs, such as a mismatch between the easy availability of mortgages and unsold homes.

Consumer Prices

 And finally, economic news from the U.S.: Consumer prices declined 0.3% in March. As the Wall Street Journal reports, economists were surprised by the sudden relaxation of inflationary pressure after several months of strengthening.

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