Invoice-to-Pay (I2P) SolutionMap: 10 Vendors Ranked by Practitioner Persona

This particular SolutionMap charts a select group of invoice-to-pay (I2P) solution providers. It is part of our Q2 2017 SolutionMap report, also featuring e-procurement solution providers and procure-to-pay suites (coming next week).

What You Need to Know About SolutionMap

  • Participating vendors are scored both on Solution Capability and on Customer Value.
  • SolutionMap features vendor rankings based on common procurement organization “personas.”
  • The SolutionMap will be updated quarterly to actively reflect market developments
  • SolutionMap graphics and high-level summaries are available for free and we encourage you to re-post and share them with your network
  • If interested in digging deeper into the back-end data and listings of typical user requirements, vendor selection tips and background on the vendor rankings, subscribe to Spend Matters PRO for full access.

The Invoice-to-Pay SolutionMap – Q2 2017

Access the all-in-one PDF, a summary of the personas’ key criteria and more detailed info in the full article.

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