Afternoon Coffee: SAP Announces Changes to Executive Leadership, Brightfield and Allegis to Partner

SAP announced last week changes to its executive leadership, according to a press release. Robert Enslin and Bernd Leukert will shift and expand their portfolios as members of the executive board of SAP, and Adaire Fox-Martin and Jennifer Morgan will be promoted to the executive board.

Brightfield Partnership

Brightfield Strategies, creator of the data aggregation and analytics platform Talent Data Exchange (TDX), announced Thursday it has launched a partnership with Allegis Global Solutions, a managed services provider, to provide exclusive services procurement analytics capabilities. The joint offering includes “the ability to analyze and manage structured and unstructured data in services procurement contracts and leverage machine learning algorithms for next generation benchmarking and decision support,” according to a press release.

Agiloft Adobe

CLM provider Agiloft announced Wednesday an integration with Adobe Sign, available immediately as part of its Contract Management Software Suite, according to a press release. The integration makes it possible for businesses to “manage the lifecycle of their contracts digitally — from creation through approval and signing.”

Eurozone Trade Surplus

 And finally, a trade update: The Eurozone’s trade balance with the rest of the world returned to a surplus in the first quarter, the Wall Street Journal reports. E.U. countries that use the euro exported €170.3 billion of goods to countries outside the currency area, while importing goods valued at €152.6 billion from the U.S., the U.K. and other economies, leaving a surplus of €17.8 billion.

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