SAP Fieldglass Introduces Live Insights, a New Data Analytics Solution

SAP Fieldglass announced Thursday the launch of a data analytics solution called Live Insights. The company reports that the solution “uses machine learning to simulate external talent scenarios in moments” (real time). At this point in time, Spend Matters has not yet been briefed on Live Insights nor seen a demo (something which will likely follow in the future).

Live Insights “makes it possible for executives to benchmark, plan, predict and simulate external talent scenarios,” according to the press release. Live Insights can also enable organizations to:

  • Conduct cost-benefit analysis in real time to inform external talent decisions based on location, time to fill and other market metrics
  • Identify competitive rates for new talent and requisition that talent in an uninterrupted workflow
  • Indicate the optimal time to release requisitions for striking a balance between lead time and cost

“SAP Fieldglass Live Insights is the latest example of our commitment to help organizations transform how work gets done in a digital world where companies must move quickly to activate their workforce strategies and secure the talent that best suits their needs,” Rob Brimm, president of SAP Fieldglass, said in the press release.

Live Insights leverages SAP HANA, SAP’s “in-memory database” solution, which enables software applications and their users to access and interact with data in real time. Live Insights not only relies on SAP Fieldglass VMS data but also data from a “trusted third party” that has been “aggregated, anonymized and normalized,” according to the press release.

The press release did not provide any details on how machine learning supports predictive analytics and simulations (which implies “gaming out” scenarios), so there is more to be learned about that.

SAP Fieldglass is not the first VMS solution provider to have begun to incorporate machine learning and predictive analytics into its VMS solution. There may be questions of equivalency, but Beeline (and IQN) and DCR have certainly done so (and DCR has also leveraged an in-memory data fabric).

Beyond VMS solutions, Brightfield Strategies’ TDX platform aggregates and processes multiple data sources from staffing firms, MSPs and VMS providers and uses machine learning to create benchmarks, normalized workforce taxonomies and predictive models that can be used by solution providers in their own analytics capabilities and offerings.

SAP Fieldglass’ launch of Live Insights further demonstrates the increasing impact of disruptive and transformative technology in the contingent workforce and services procurement space (which Spend Matters has covered in its recent research report: The Impact of Disruptive Technologies and Solutions on Contingent Workforce and Services Procurement). Machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are at the top of the list of technological forces changing the contingent workforce and will be receiving heightened attention in our coverage.

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