Procure-to-Pay (P2P) SolutionMap: 8 Vendors Ranked by Practitioner Persona

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Huzzah! The rankings and comparative graphics for the third and final solution area — procure-to-pay (P2P) suites — of our SolutionMap℠ Q2 2017 report have finally arrived.

With these last 6 ‘quadrant’-like comparisons, the Spend Matters Analyst team has now provided a holistic look at a number of technology vendors providing e-procurement and invoice-to-pay solutions, as well as procure-to-pay suites.

What You Need to Know About SolutionMap

  • Participating vendors are scored both on Solution Capability and on Customer Value.
  • SolutionMap features vendor rankings based on common procurement organization “personas” (more below).
  • The SolutionMap will be updated quarterly to actively reflect market developments.
  • SolutionMap graphics and high-level summaries are available for free and we encourage you to re-post and share them with your network.
  • If interested in digging deeper into the back-end data and listings of typical user requirements, vendor selection tips and background on the vendor rankings, subscribe to Spend Matters PRO for full access.

What Say? Personas?

No two procurement organizations are alike. Each has its own “persona” that reflects not only its own value proposition and engagement approach, but also the stakeholders it serves. The same principle holds true of procure-to-pay (P2P) application providers. Each has a persona that reflects its value proposition, solution strategy and targeted customer segments.

Procurement organizations should seek providers whose personas best align to theirs. Here are our six personas:

  • Nimble
  • Deep
  • DIY
  • Mega
  • ERP Wrapper
  • Industry

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