Technology Analysts and NDAs

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Yesterday Coupa published a press release announcing that Thomas Kase, a former Spend Matters analyst, joined the cloud spend management vendor.

I had the great pleasure of working with Thomas for many years and wish him the very best of luck in his new endeavor. I have tremendous respect for his ideas, subject matter expertise and passion for procurement technology.

Thomas last covered procurement for Spend Matters in January of 2016.

When analysts join Spend Matters (and become employees of our parent company, Azul Partners), they are bound by an an employee agreement that includes a tight non-disclosure clause. This fully covers all of the information shared with our firm under NDA by technology providers, solution providers and services firms.

It is common for analysts to move between research roles and “in-house” roles at vendors. Many other analysts covering the procurement technology space have made these transitions, and in some cases, they’ve gone back and forth.

While it is also common for tech firms to express concern about someone they briefed as an analyst moving to a technology or solutions provider, it is important to understand the confidentiality clauses that person must adhere to.

In the case of Spend Matters and Azul Partners, it is rock solid, as I assume it would be with other other research firms.

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