Procurement’s Role in the Enterprise Working Capital Mandate

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With a heightened awareness over how a supplier ecosystem affects a company’s balance sheet, implementing working capital programs is increasingly part of the procurement and supply chain organizations' responsibilities, in addition to the traditional worlds of treasury and finance. The ever constant pressure to find “cash” in an organization is now commonplace, as the days of cash-rich businesses having excess cash or access to cheap bank sources of funding are all but over.

Combine that with technology and macroeconomic trends that have affected many business processes, including supply chain flows — and more so than ever, companies must find ways to work out supply chain finance programs between departments and outside the organization.

Working capital programs can create natural organizational conflicts across the financial supply chain. Aligning payables, procurement and treasury KPIs sounds intuitive, but if procurement does not report to the chief financial officer (CFO), that’s a big challenge to start. And then we have lots of conflicts that come up across departments. For example, treasury is measured on working capital and procurement on cost and reliability. What does that mean for payment terms?

That does not stop organizations from searching for more working capital. And now your organization has put a cross-functional team together to come up with ideas to improve working capital across your supplier ecosystem. How do you approach this so management is confident proper due diligence was done? Join David Gustin, president of Global Business Intelligence; Doug Schoch, vice presidnet of Siemens Capital; and Tom Dunn, CEO of Orbian, on May 3 as they explore this subject.

In this webinar you will learn the following:

  • How to address organizational conflicts across the financial supply chain
  • How Siemens addressed this mandate across their supply chain
  • What buyer-led working capital options are there for your supplier base
  • How to evaluate various techniques for different spend categories and ultimately come up with a plan of action

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