Afternoon Coffee: Basware Adds Strategic Sourcing to its P2P Suite, IntegrityNext Launches

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Finland-based Basware announced Tuesday it is adding a strategic sourcing offering to its purchase-to-pay (P2P) suite, giving customers what it calls a “one-stop shop” for the source-to-pay (S2P) process, according to a press release. The new offering includes a collaborative e-sourcing solution, with eRFX and e-auction tools, as well as supply base management and contract management tools.

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IntegrityNext Launches

There’s a new entrant in the increasingly important market for procurement solutions that focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. A press release announced Tuesday that several supply chain professionals have launched a company called IntegrityNext, “an open supply chain compliance platform designed to meet the challenges faced in international business and regulated industries.”

“Over the last few years, rising regulatory requirements and the growing power of social media are shaping public opinion about companies of all sizes,” said Martin Berr-Sorokin, CEO and Founder at IntegrityNext, in the press release. “Executive teams have struggled to increase their visibility into and control over suppliers and supply chains. Under these conditions, procurement must be prepared to operate with complete transparency. Traditionally, this control and visibility was hard to achieve due to huge technical and expertise barriers, but this is no longer the case.”

Fred Hutch Extends Jaggaer Relationship

Fred Hutch, a world-renowned research and treatment institution in Seattle, is working with S2P provider Jaggaer to improve process efficiency and cost savings, according to a press release.

As Mark Burch, director of material management for Fred Hutch, said in the release, a key factor in his organization’s decision was Jaggaer’s ability to integrate with Fred Hutch’s existing PeopleSoft-based ERP system and retain log-in and other security credentials.

“Jaggaer replaces a number of other methods of product ordering, allowing us to make this key function more streamlined and cost effective,” said Burch. “Jaggaer provides several key components to completing the end-to-end automation of our source-to-settlement and chain of custody solutions here.”

Manufacturing Update

And finally, a look at German manufacturing: German industrial output appeared to pick up in March, rising more than expected with orders up 1% compared with a month earlier, MarketWatch reports.

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First Voice

  1. Nick Drewe @ Market Dojo:

    The Basware news is interesting, seemingly following the trend of P2P providers needing to have the full S2P in order to compete in the market.

    Looks to me like their new offering is powered by Scanmarket – at least all the same terminology is used on things like ‘Bid Matrix’ and ‘Cherry-Lots’.

    Makes sense as it was previously powered by BravoSolution who are obviously a direct competitor after their acquisition of Puridiom. And Scanmarket has for a while signaled intention to move into the S2P market in a more immersive way, possibly paving the way for their acquisition/merger? Speculative on my part, so please don’t quote me! Be interested to hear what others think.

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