DCR Workforce Provides an Entry Ramp for Mid-Sized Organizations with Smart Track NOW

trekandphoto/Adobe Stock

For some time now, we have held DCR Workforce in high regard as a VMS solution provider that punches above its weight, especially in terms of services procurement capabilities, technology and innovation. (For more details on DCR, see Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of our PRO Vendor Snapshot.)

It is perhaps not surprising to us, then, that earlier this spring DCR quietly rolled out capabilities to enable mid-sized organization to access the full depth and breadth of its Smart Track VMS solutions. The new offering, Smart Track Now, puts DCR on the map as the second mainstream VMS provider to bring to market capabilities targeting the middle market, the first provider being SAP Fieldglass in December 2016. With the penetration curve for VMS at large enterprises flattening, the middle market appears to be worth trying.

We recently had the opportunity to discuss, and receive a demo of, Smart Track NOW. What follows is an overview of what we learned.

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