Afternoon Coffee: G7 Gets Briefed on Trump Tax Plan, Amazon Offers Cash for Warehouse Robot Breakthroughs

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U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is scheduled this week to brief finance officials from the Group of Seven industrial economies on the Trump administration’s pending tax reform and regulatory plans, Reuters reports. An official from the Treasury said Thursday that member nations were eager to hear more details on the administration’s plans and to get an economic outlook from Mnuchin.

Amazon Wants You! (to Build it a Robot)

Have you built a robot that can recognize objects, grab them, execute tasks, detect errors and recover as needed? Amazon is offering $250,000 to teams who say they have, in a competition taking place in Japan later in July, CNBC reports. The e-commerce company’s third annual Robotics Challenge has accepted entries from institutions including MIT, Princeton and Carnegie Mellon University.

Norwegians Invent a Self-Driving Ship

A lot of digital ink has been spilled over the coming disruption from driverless cars and trucks. Maybe everyone forgot that the majority of this planet is actually covered water. But not Norway. Norwegian chemicals group Yara announced Wednesday it is building a battery-powered ship that will be able to pilot itself by 2020, Quartz writes. The ship is being developed in collaboration with shipping technology company Kongsberg.

Soybean Woes

And finally, a commodities update from the agricultural world: record-high soybean plantings and stockpiles are stoking fears among farmers that prices for the oilseed could plummet this year, the Wall Street Journal reports.

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